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The red arrow below, shows the location of the Olga House. It is situated just a stones throw from the water's edge on Buck Bay

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Moran State Park & Mt. Constitution

  • The largest public recreation area on the San Juan Islands. (5,252 acres)
  • Moran offers facilities for camping, boating, hiking, horseback riding, and biking
  • 30+ miles of hiking trails
  • 5 freshwater lakes
  • Mount Constitution (elevation 2,409 ft.) is the heart of the park and the hightest point in the San Juan Islands.
    • A road & hiking trails lead to the top of the mountain, where the 360-degree panoramic view is absolutely breathtaking

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The amazing view from the top of Mt. Constitution's stone tower

IMG 1138

The top of Mt. Constitution. At the foot of the stone tower

Eastsound: Downtown Orcas Island

  • 15-minute drive from the ferry landing
  • Orcas Island's downtown is the walkable Eastsound village
    • The visitor-friendly town is filled with art galleries, boutiques, restaurants, cafes, and history
    • Historic homes and buildings in town date back to the 1880's

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